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Sport stacking is a popular sport is Malaysia .

ISSF is a NGO body from Germany. You can use any of cups branding for the tournament event. They planning and execution of sport stacking tournaments at national and international levels. Let this become a real sport. Everyone can stacks.

In 2009 Jacky Chin was the one of founder develope in Malaysia and 2012 formed J&J Stacking Club to train students and Activities, this is to allow those outstanding students to attend competition and exchange experience in overseas.
Currently, Jacky Chin is the President of International Sport Stacking Federation (ISSF) Malaysia. ISSF is a NGO body from Germany. Besides, Jacky Chin is also a Chairman of Persatuan Sukan Stacking Kuala Lumpur and a Consultant of Persatuan Sukan Stacking Negeri Selangor.
Penang also joining their sport stacking team to promote the Sport in Penang state 2017 year.
Jacky Chin was also received countless medals and top 5 in sport stacking competition in German, Taiwan, Thailand, China, etc.

Who are interested to join us for coaching to promote this sport in Malaysia.We provide training. Welcome teacher, tuisyen center, coaches, sport teacher, school, colleague or others.




ISSFinternational Sport Stacking Federation )来自德国,这是一个叠杯比赛的国际组织的平台,他们在2006年成立了这平台是让更多人有机会去参与叠杯比赛。ISSF是一个非营利组织,在比赛平台里,是不分什么品牌的杯子都能进行参与,是个开放式组织,这才能达到正面的体育精神的效果。

Jacky Chin在2009年是第一开发者带进叠杯运动,这是一个非常辛苦的任务,在推广由不认识直到认识。在巴生谷一带的學校进行推广。开拓學校包括有尊孔华小,州立华小,崇文华小,汉民华小,益智华小,精武华小,大同华小,育群华小等等,超过20所以上的學校并在2012成立了J&J Stacking Centre。在2017年成功的带进ISSF的国际叠杯组织在马来西亚举办比赛,2017年也申请到Persatuan Sukan Stacking WP Kuala Lumpur成为主席以及是Persatuan Sukan Stacking Selangor的顾问。叠杯是一项5~99岁都能参与的运动,它也是一种能强化大脑的运动。

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