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Why Sport Stacking


This is a cups stacking for all kids...
Fun and Interesting 😍😍😍!

Stacking cups help children to develop in....
❤FINE MOTOR SKILLS. For young children, picking items up and putting them in place helps them learn the important skill of intentional grasp and release, as well as how to control and position their fingers. ...





Benefit of Sport Stacking

- Hand and Eye Coordiantion
- Left and Right Brain Activation
- Bilateral Coordination
- Body and Brain Connection
- Fitness
- Academics
- Brain Building
- Self Esteem

Best in building Motor Skills

Many parents sent their children for sports activity to train their coordination (motor skills), but most of the time children find it hard to pick up the sport they do because their motor skills just isn’t good enough yet. With stacking, because it is easier to pick up compare to other sports, stacking is the best training to train a child’s motor skills. Good Motor Skills can improve a child’s ability in sports and other physical activity like dancing or music instruments, and can even improve their hand writing.


Suitable for any child

Doesn’t matter the fitness level of your child, or how tall, or how strong, or how intelligent, or how many other sports your child likes. Stacking is suitable for any child! Unlike certain sports that could more favour taller, or stronger, or fitter, or elder children, Sport Stacking is naturally suitable for everyone regardless their built, attributes and age.

Developing Skill Sets in Every Way

Stacking can develop skill sets in both academics and sports. Because it helps in concentration, memory and focus, and therefore it helps in academics. And because it improves motor skills, reaction time and ambidexterity, it helps in sports and other activities like music, which requires ambidexterity. For a child who does a lot of other sports, Stacking is very good for them because it can improve their skills in sports. On the other hand, for a child who doesn’t like to do any exercise, Stacking can be the only physical exercise for them for a start, and along the way, there will be a high possibility they will start to pick up other sports or activity because they have already built up skill sets in themselves through Stacking.


Being Independent 

Children can train Stacking everyday, with or without their coach or parents. This trains them to be independent from a very young age. Most of other sports or activity requires a coach or a teacher or a parent to be around, even for doing homework, normally children need to rely on someone, but with sport stacking, children can know, understand, learn and feel how its like to be independent.


Providing Sense of Achievement

Sport Stacking one of the best tool to teach children sense of Achievement. Because every single time they got faster and beat their own fastest score, they will know that one can improve through practice, determination, confidence and diligence.


Enhances and Stimulate Human Senses

I always told my students, given technology is so advance, no human can ever build a robot that could beat a human in sports. Regardless of what sport it is, no way a robot can be built to win humans even after 100 or 200 years. Because human senses are always and ever will be superior over robots.

Stacking enhances and stimulates human senses because it gives so much feeling to the hands during stacking. Children learn to stack faster with lesser mistake by improving the feeling senses. Vision and hearing the sound cups also is the as important to improve in stacking, therefore it trains a child’s capability to observe and to listen.

Lastly, stacking is so much FUN and children will love it so much that it gives them a lot of healthy emotions like happiness, satisfaction and confidence.


Confidence in Public Performance

The Sport Stacking tournaments are very, very good experience for little children to build confidence by performing in public. Performing in front of audiences also naturally teaches a child a lot, a lot of skill sets that can’t be learn from a textbook.


Promotes Determination

The Sport Stacking Tournaments are open to everyone who wants to participate, and there is no criteria in order to qualify and or to participate. Therefore children can keep trying to win in the tournaments and therefore it promotes them to be determined and motivates them to practice everyday.



The best way to develop positive attitude, mindset and soft skills is through sportsmanship. Because sportsmanship is about being ethical, appropriate, polite and to have a fair behavior in participating in a competition. Children also learn how to handle unexpected tough situations during competition, therefore it naturally build up strong and positive attitudes in them.


Promotes teamwork, social skills and good relationships with parents

In the Sport Stacking competitions, there are Doubles event, Parent Child Doubles Event, that promotes a lot of team work in within a child’s friends/siblings as well as their parents! Sport Stacking so far is one of the sport that a child can team up with their parents to participate in a official competition. So with Stacking, children can enhance their social skills with friends and their relationship with their family.























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