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My Sport Stacking Story!

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

In 2009 Jacky Chin was one of the founder bring in Sport Stacking, after he was started a company with his partner to develope sport stacking in Malaysia. He was market to promote sport stacking in schools, but no one know what is cups stacking at that time but he is not gave up to promote again & again until the school was excepted this sport. After 2 years, they build up this sport who already knows. We took students to Germany, Singapore, Thailand etc to participate tournament in their country.

When 2012 his partner betrayed him and his is no longer in company, he become one of the agent under his partner. After Jacky was formed J&J Stacking Club to train students and Activities in his group. Year 2017, Jacky Chin was found ISSF Germany and he's joined this association to start from the beginning . ISSF is a NGO body from Germany.sees itself as a brandindependent association for the planning and execution of sport stacking tournaments at national and international levels.The ISSF was founded in 2006 by the German cup manufacturer FlashCups. At that time amove to circumvent the still valid monopoly of the brand Speed Stacks in the WSSA (WorldSport Stacking Association) and to organize brandindependent tournaments. Besides, Jacky Chin is also a President of Persatuan Sukan Stacking Kuala Lumpur and a Consultant of Persatuan Sukan Stacking Negeri Selangor. State of Penang Malaysia also joining their sport stacking team. Jacky Chin was also received countless medals and top 5 in sport stacking competition in German, Taiwan, Thailand, China, etc.

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